What is a biophysical drug rehab program?

The term "biophysical" means something related to or concerned with the application of physical principles and methods to biological problems. Therefore, a biophysical drug rehab program is something that has application to the physical part of drug addiction, not just the counseling. There are many different types of drug and alcohol rehab programs available to those struggling with alcohol or other drug addictions. A biophysical program helps people recover without the use of substitute drugs or medications and uses a holistic drug rehab approach. Through our own observations, treating addicts with more drugs virtually guarantees relapse (including mental drugs), therefore a drug-free application results in longer-term success.

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When locating a drug and/or alcohol rehabilitation program for yourself or someone else, there are several factors involved. The type of program and success rate of that program are extremely important as well as the certification and/or accreditation that the specific program has. Statistically, residential or inpatient programs get the best results when dealing with a drug and/or alcohol addiction. Of those inpatient programs, there is one called a bio-physical program that provides the best results at the lower cost (compared to the monthly cost of other private treatment programs throughout the the country).

People who complete a biophysical drug rehab program are at least 3 times more likely to remain drug-free.

A biophysical drug rehab program recognizes the fact that drug addiction usually has two main components. There is the physical dependency and cravings for the drugs as well as the mental/emotional need for them. This type of drug rehab center is typically the most successful, given that it is a long-term drug program (more than 30 days), uses a drug-free approach, and incorporates a unique and effective detoxification method that goes beyond mere withdrawal and actually eliminates the drug residues that have stored in the body. The result is the addict no longer feels the physical effects of the drugs and he now has a sound body and clear head to address the mental/emotional side through a social education method. The recovery rate for a biophysical program is very often three times higher than most other drug addiction treatments.

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Drug rehab program comparison

How does a holistic biophysical drug rehab program compare to a traditional 12-step or medically-based program? Here's how:

Biophysical Drug Rehab Traditional Treatment Center
Addresses withdrawal symptoms? Yes, by providing nutritional supplementation to help rebuild the damage caused to the body Yes, but prescribes more drugs
Addresses physical cravings for drugs? Yes, through a complete body detoxification process that elminates stored drug residues Only by prescribing more drugs
Provides counseling? Yes, through a social educational aproach that enables the person to become responsible again Yes, through individual and group sessions
Has an aftercare or follow-up program? Yes, those who complete the program are followed-up with for 2 years or more as needed to ensure success and provide help with their discharge planning Yes, often in the form of attending weekly meetings
Viewpoint on addiction Proves that people can permanently recover and move on to have very happy and productive drug-free lives without relapse Believes that addiction is an incurable brain disease and that relapse is a part of being in recovery and should be treated by prescribing more drugs
Tracks their success and results? Yes, through routine follow-up communication with those who complete the program as well as their family members to verify if someone is donig well or not Sometimes with individual treatment centers, but how they claim their success rates is important to find out. Most still believe that their will be periods of relapse or "slip-ups" of short-term use, yet still call that a success