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How to Choose the The Right Drug/Alcohol Rehab Center For You

Making the decision to enter into a drug/alcohol rehab center is a major step to take that will cost a lot in time as well as money. Therefore, anyone seeking treatment needs to move forward cautiously and do thorough research to ensure they have found the best facility and treatment for their specific situation. If the addiction that you are suffering from is a serious one, it is much better to receive treatment sooner instead of later. However, it can be disastrous to end up in a facility that doesn’t meet your individual needs and that you are not well suited for.

Unfortunately the reality is that many addicts complete a rehab treatment program but then end up relapsing and having to begin the treatment process all over again eventually. In order to avoid this from occurring it is important for you to carefully weigh all of the advantages and disadvantages of each treatment facility that you are considering. That way you will know that you are going to be within an environment that will make it possible for you to succeed. Each program is totally unique and offers different goals, amenities and services for their patients. Before you enter into any treatment program and rehab center there are certain important things that you need to consider in order to be ready and prepared to successfully complete the program. The following are 8 important criteria for choosing the right drug/alcohol rehab center for you.

Results You Can Expect From The Drug/Alcohol Rehab Center

The first important consideration is to determine what types of results you can expect for yourself as well as where you can realistically hope to be after you have completed your treatment program. You can ask each of the rehab centers what they consider to be positive results for their patients to determine if they measure the things that are important to you or not. Some rehab centers may consider a patient taking their medication, attending meetings and getting through detox to be a success. Other facilities might consider the best result to be successfully completing a one month long program or remaining abstinent after the patient has returned home. There are even some drug rehab facilities that may go above and beyond and aim for patients to improve family relationships and gain employment in order to be considered completely successful. It can be very helpful to speak with a consultant at the various rehab centers and ask them what kinds of results they usually see from patients to determine whether the center is well suited for you or not and what your own personal goals would be with their treatment program.

Length Of Stay At A Live In Rehab Center

If you definitely know you want to enroll in a residential treatment program and live at the rehab center instead of choosing an outpatient program then you should think about how long the length of stay is at the various facilities you are considering. Each treatment program has different options available for their live in facilities, with some offering both long-term and short-term stays while others have just one length of stay for you to choose. Think about the amount of time you would like to spend in the recovery process as well as what would be the most effective approach for you to ensure that you are well prepared to return home. There are some individuals with milder addictions who may prefer going through a short term program. That way they will be able to return to living their regular life. However, other individuals might need additional time since they have other issues that need to be addressed. The length of stay that is the most common is 28 days. However, some individuals with very serious addictions might need to have stays as long as 90 days in order to recover fully. Over the long run, discovering the best length of stay for you will offer you a better chance to succeed.

Medication For Drug Addiction In Treatment Facilities

One important thing to consider when you are searching for a rehab center for treating a drug addiction, is whether you are going to need some kind of medication or not for reducing your cravings or assisting you with any coinciding mental health issues that you might have. Substitute medications are offered by some programs for individuals who are addicted to opiates like Suboxone, buprenorphine and methadone while they are going through detox or a rehab program. If you believe you have such a strong addiction that you won’t be able to get through your recovery program without some kind of substitute then search for a program where these resources are offered. If you would like to cold turkey from some type of substance instead, then focus on sobriety immediately and avoid any program where these options are offered. Rehab programs might also offer other kinds of medications like Valium or Xanax for for such issues as pain, sleeplessness or anxiety. If you are comfortable with having those options due to wanting to stay completely sober then you should search for a program where more holistic solutions are offered like exercise for and nutrition for improved mental well-being.

Residential Rehab Facilities That Focus On Health

There are some rehab programs that mainly focus on making sure that patients stay sober. However, a more comprehensive treatment program will also include measures for improving the health of patients staying at the facility. There are studies that show that a majority of addicts who enter a rehab center are in very poor physical health. Depending on what kind of drug they have been abusing they might have various health issues including illnesses that result from nutritional deficiencies, anemia, intestinal problems and malnutrition. Individuals with addictions frequently neglect their physical health. They also do not eat healthy foods that help their bodies stay in good condition. So if prior to treatment you have concerns about your physical health, search for a program offering nutritional support and one that emphasizes patients getting the right exercise and following a healthy diet. Deficiencies in an individual’s diet may cause insomnia, anxiety, depressions and numerous other issues that may make the recovery process much harder. A good exercise and nutritional program may lead to patients achieving more success in healthy and sober living.

Mental Health Services

In addition to physical health, it is also important to consider what types of mental health services are available at various rehab centers. If you have been diagnosed with any type of mental illness like borderline personality disorder, depression, anxiety, schizophrenia or bipolar disorder, then you will need to ensure that these illnesses are accommodated by the program you are considering. Mental health issues may make addition even worse and also vice versa. Therefore it is very important for any co-occurring disorders to be treated at the same time. Even if you haven’t been diagnosed with a disorder but have concerns about your mental health and state of mind, then make sure to find a rehab center that offers a psychiatric evaluation before you are treated so that you receive the appropriate treatment that you need. You might have developing symptoms or an illness that has not been diagnosed that needs to be addressed before it gets even worse. Frequently addiction can cause mental health programs. Therefore, for a majority of patients a good choice is to find a mental health treatment center that offers psychiatric resources.

Life Skills Taught In Drug Rehabilitation Programs

Before you choose a rehab program it is important to determine what they are offering when it comes to teaching essential life skills as well as any help with employment and relationships. Even if you manage to stay sober throughout your entire rehab process, after you leave the center and return home you are going to be faced with many real life issues that might trigger stress, and at times relapse. It is important for individuals who are in recovery to ensure they have worked on various life skills that can help them be better prepared to face the world more confidently once their treatment program is over. Addiction might cause individuals to perform poorly at school and work and they may have experienced long term unemployment or lost their jobs due to their substance abuse. They may have broken relationships as well due to their addiction and have gone through divorce or other kinds of separation from their loved ones. Receiving life skills training can assist individuals in rehab with improving their communication skills so that they are able to improve their relationships and be more confident within the workplace. They will be able handle their professional and personal lives without having to turn to drugs or alcohol to try to escape their problems.

Options For Rehab and Detox

Another thing that you will want to consider when searching for rehab programs is what their requirements for detox are prior to treatment taking place. It is critical to gt through the detoxification process at a professional facility before going into rehab. This is required by a majority of residential programs as the first step that needs to be taken. Some programs might have you enter into a separate facility that is unrelated to their treatment program. Speak with someone at your chosen rehab center that can help you prepare for the enrollment process. One of the most critical aspects to your recovery is planning your detox since it can help you eliminate your physical dependence on alcohol or drugs so that you are able to focus on emotional and mental issues that are keeping your addictive habits alive. Whatever choice you end up making always be sure to stay in an environment where there are medical staff available to help you safely get through the withdrawal process.

Are Loved Ones Part Of The Treatment Process?

Loved ones and family members are a very important part of a successful drug or alcohol treatment program. Whether the addict is planning to enter a long- or short-term treatment program, you eventual goal is return home to their families. So to ensure that this is a successful transition, it is important for family members to learn as much as they can about the addiction their loved one is suffering from as well as the best ways for supporting the individuals throughout their recovery process.

Most of the leading drug and alcohol rehab programs will strongly encourage that family members be involved throughout the entire treatment process. Although there might be a short “blackout” time period when a patient is not supposed to contact any members of their family during the first few initial days of treatment, a good programs should provide visitation, family therapy and a family program through the remainder of the patient’s stay to help the addict succeed.

As you can see there are many important criteria to consider when choosing the right drug or alcohol rehab center for you. In addition to the criteria mentioned above there are other factors to weight as well, including the location of the rehab center, cost of the treatment program, payment options and more. It is very important to research several rehab centers thoroughly before making any final decision on which facility and program to enter. This is key to ensuring that you find an environment and program that is well suited to your individual needs to help you successfully treat your addiction and remain sober after you return home. Fortunately, there are many quality rehab centers and programs that are available these days. So as long as you put in the necessary time to do your research and consult with various rehab centers you shouldn’t have a problem finding a good rehab center that will meet your needs and help you achieve the success that you are looking for to change your life.